One Direction in the german BRAVO. 

Totally cute, very talented and highly coveted! Since One Direction were established at the UK-Casting-Show ?X Factor?, they have been called THE new dreamboy-band! But how can a girl impress the boys? What do they like in a girl? BRAVO met Liam, Niall, Zayn (all 18), Harry (17) and Louis (19) and asked them about that.

BRAVO: Tell us, how does your dreamgirl have to be like?
Louis: I want a girl who can laugh about my jokes - even about the bad ones (grins).
Niall: Yes, she should be funny. And as crazy as I am. 
Harry: I like cheeky girls. The look isn?t very important to me. She has to be lovely      enough that I can introduce her to my mother, though. 
Zayn: I think it?s important that I can talk with her about everything and anything.
Liam: I think girls who are a bit shy are really cute.
BRAVO: Who is your celebrity crush? 
Niall: Demi Lovato, because she has a cute smile.
Zayn: Actress Megan Fox!
Harry: Frankie from The Saturdays. I?ve had a crush on her since years. 
Louis: Cheryl Cole is totally my type of girl.
Liam: I like the singer Leona Lewis.
BRAVO: Guys, who of you is still single ?

Bravo: Who of the boys is already taken?

 Niall: I am single. I split up with my last girlfriend, called Holly, about a year ago because I had to concentrate on my career on XFactor. We?ve only been dating for a few months but it was still a hard desicion to break up. But we?re still in contact.

 Zayn: There?s a girl I like at the moment, but we?re not dating. It?s pretty hard to be in a relationship when I?m in a different country every day. Because so I wouldn?t be able to give that girl what she deserves.

 Louis: I also really like a girl at the moment. She also knows that I like her very much and we?re flirting a lot. But we?re not dating yet. If we ever will, you?ll be the first to know - promised!

 Harry: I?m not datin anyone at the moment. It?s already been two years since I?ve been in a relationship. But I?m not looking for a girlfriend desperately - It would be nice to have one though.

 Liam: I?m already dating my girlfriend Danielle since 10 months and I?m really happy. I got to know her at XFactor - she was working as a dancer. When I first saw her at the rehearsels I was like: ?WOW, she?s really hot!? She looks a little bit like Leona Lewis. But making her fall in love with me wasn?t really easy.. Trust me.

BRAVO: Why ?

Liam: At the beginning Danielle was really unsure. I was at that time only 17 and she already 23. But then when we got to know us better, it was clear for us 
that it will work.

Sorry if I made some mistakes.BRAVO


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åe, de er bare alle sammen helt skjønn! Men du? Kan vi se et bilde av deg? ^^ hadde blitt glad for svar

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nhå, søte de var. Fint at du legger ut intervju som dette osv <3


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